What is in a name? Application document names

3/8/2016 6:31:06 PM

What is in a name?
Quite a bit if you are handling multiple documents for multiple parties for multiple years.

To help wrangle the multitude of documents being submitted for any competitive grant cycle, the TSLAC grant team suggests the following naming conventions for submitted documents.

Document names should begin with the grant year, followed by the library name and document name (Year_Libraryname_DOCname). For example: 2022_AAATestLibrary_CIPA for the CIPA form from AAA Test Library for a grant application.

Recommended document names include:
• AppCert (signed application certification form)
• CIPA (signed CIPA form)
• Assessment (pre-award assessment)
• Budget (supplemental budget info, i.e., quotes)
• LettersC (letters of cooperation)
• LettersS (letters of support)
• Sigauth (signature authority)
• IDC (indirect cost agreement)
• LogicModel (IMLS Logic Model)

Documents may be submitted at anytime independent of the application as long as they are submitted by the grant deadline.