Go for the gold! Scoring high on the application

3/2/2016 4:55:29 PM

So you've been working away at preparing your grant proposal for the 2017 TSLAC grant cycle. You've answered the questions, gathered your supporting documents, and think you're ready to submit. Before you hit the submit button, STOP! Have you really answered the questions to the best of your ability using the questions included in the scoring rubric? Many people stop short of reading the rubric once they find the Criteria for Award. In fact, they stop short of reading the entire guidelines document to take the shortcut of just finding the needed information. Doing this cheats yourself out of valuable insight into what the grant reviewers look for when reviewing the grants. Don't cheat yourself! The scoring rubric is essentially the answer key to the test. It is the key reviewers use to decide how best to score applications based on the answers provided. To score the highest number of points, take the time to read the rubric and discover the questions reviewers will seek answers to. You may find out that you didn't complete the answers as thoroughly as you thought.